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Why Do You Need to Conduct Amazon Advertising Audits Regularly?

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There are numerous metrics in Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) audit like sales, click-through rate, return on advertising spend, impressions and more. These performance metrics will help you gauge how well the advertising plan has worked. People often reach out to experts from an amazon ppc agency who will help in this audit process.

Why Do You Need an Ongoing Amazon Advertising Audit?

Discover New Opportunities – When analyzing the keyword reports, you can find how to use a different keyword, which is performing better. You can use that to discover new opportunities.

Evaluate Campaign Results Against Goals – For any campaign, we must set a few goals. Once the process is over, you can compare the results with the goals to understand how far it has worked.

Optimize Budget Allocation – An audit helps you understand the cost and expenses incurred. This gives you an insight into different cost-effective ideas and so you can reallocate your amount to find better resources.

Identify High-performing Products – Just like how we identify high-performing keywords, we can also find better-performing products. You can invest more focus and budget to promote the high-performing product while creating more awareness and campaigns for your low-performing ones to ensure you benefit from both.

Perform Seasonal Adjustments – With each season, the demand and sales quantity is going to be different. When you regularly perform audits, you will be able to understand the seasonal changes and you can promote products based on that.

Do These Before You Start Your Advertising Audits

Understand Campaign Dynamics – Before you start auditing, you must understand what your expectations are from that particular campaign and whether the ACoS (advertising cost of sales) is meeting your expectations. Once you get clarity about this, you will know what to focus on in your advertising audits.

Don’t Aim to Optimize Every KPI at a Time – Focusing on a lot of factors could also be a wrong move. So even when you are optimizing the content and keywords, prioritize the options according to your goals. If you want to focus on getting maximum impressions, let the campaign goal be just about it.

Understand Metrics to Focus on Based on Your Goals – Each goal will demand a different metric. For instance, if your goal is to get more visibility for your products, the metric is to optimize impressions and click-through rates. Whereas, if you want to focus on product sales, the metric focus should be on ACoS, return on ad spend, conversion rate and orders.

Amazon Advertising Audit Checklist

Check out these questions that you can ask yourself and your team during the audit to precisely break down your performance process, understand weak areas and make sense of how to move forward.

● How Competitive are Brand and Product Ad Spaces?

● Are High-converting Keywords for Your Products Increasing Year on Year?

● Is The Ad Budget Wasted on Irrelevant Keywords?

● Is Advertising Running on Duplicate Keywords?

● Are You Under-Spending on Your Campaign or Ad Groups?

● Are You Optimizing Your Bids for Better Ad Placement?

● Are all Products or Search Terms Delivering Results?

● Which Products Perform Best in a Campaign or Ad Group?

● Are you Targeting Competitors’ Branded Keywords with Your Brand Ads?

● Are You Using Bid Modifiers Correctly?

Final Thoughts

It is important to take time and do audits regularly to make optimum use of the optimisation opportunities. Sometimes you may feel overwhelmed and can’t decide on the metrics and process to reach your goals. In such cases, you can also consult experts like Sellers Umbrella who provide amazon ppc optimization service.

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