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What Is Negative Keyword Targeting On Amazon?

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On Amazon, product targeting is a helpful tool for reaching out to the clientele of sellers who are rivals or related. When a search term matches your negative product selections and negative keywords, Amazon’s negative product targeting stops ads from appearing. You can reduce your advertising cost of sale (ACOS) by keeping your adverts relevant to your visiting shoppers by making a list of brands and products that you intend to exclude. A feature of sponsored adverts called “Negative Product Targeting” ensures that only the right customers see your adverts by placing them on certain search results and product detail pages.

Produce a Compelling, Optimized Product Description

Product descriptions are crucial for an Amazon marketing campaign since they perform a lot of the heavy lifting in converting viewers into paying customers. They should be written in bullet points to touch all of the important points and features in a clear, efficient manner. Product detail pages should also take readers on a journey and offer imaginative, captivating descriptions that persuade potential customers to buy the product and brand. Finally, when writing the product listing, SEO and using the appropriate keywords should be used.

Email Marketing

Any marketing effort can benefit from email marketing, but first, you need to create a subscriber list. This can be accomplished through sign-up forms on websites, social media campaigns, etc. You may put a lot of effort into your email marketing once you have a sizable email list. This entails writing persuasive emails, from the subject line through the offer you are making. If done correctly, your Amazon product will get a lot of opened emails and click-throughs.

Product Ads

Sponsored Product Ads, Product Display Ads, and Headline Search Ads are the three primary PPC ad choices that Amazon provides. It is crucial to investigate each ad type to determine which best suits your Amazon business because each one has advantages and disadvantages. It is crucial to investigate each ad type to determine which best suits your Amazon business because each one has advantages and disadvantages.

Win The Buy Box

Make sure your Amazon store is seen as the best alternative among all others if you are offering the same things as other businesses. The cheapest product pricing, availability, and business repute are just a few strategies to increase your chances of winning the Buy Box competition.

Get The Word Out On Social Media

Taking the initiative and promoting their product on social media is part of Amazon’s product marketing. With the right social media channel, you can advertise exclusive deals, hold contests, and create a video outlining the top five advantages of your product. Don’t overextend yourself by posting on all social media sites, you can take help from Amazon advertising management services.

Create A Website

Amazon merchants can advertise, distribute, and earn all through this one platform, so they don’t necessarily require a website. However, a website is a great addition to their efforts to market their products on Amazon because it gives them another way to draw in potential customers through SEO, gives more background on their product and brand, and gives their online store more credibility. This helps them develop relationships with their customers outside of Amazon.

Run A Tight Ship

Maintaining a tight ship and exercising diligence can aid your Amazon scenario. It takes time, but the more strictly you adhere to Seller Central account best practices, the more likely it is that you will reap the benefits of increased relevancy. Long-term improvements to your conversion rate can also be made by providing excellent customer service, getting good product reviews, and acting professionally.

Support To Optimize Performance

With numerous moving pieces that must line up to achieve the best outcomes, Amazon product marketing is a challenging jigsaw to solve. This is why some choose to acquire assistance from a specialized Amazon advertising consultant, as their knowledge and experience may help create a marketing strategy that produces the desired results.


Negative keywords can improve Amazon’s PPC, generate high-quality traffic, and boost ROI. They can be used to get rid of terms that generate a lot of traffic but have low conversion rates or to get rid of less pertinent terms or keywords that have nothing to do with your offering.

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