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A complete guide for Amazon Account Management Services  

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Why hire professional Amazon Account Management Services to stay ahead?

Are you planning to sell your products online? You must try Amazon; the e-commerce giant provides you with the success that can be matched to none. It can be difficult for you to manage your Amazon account, and your business Companies offering Amazon account management services could be of great help; they handle your account in the best possible manner.

This blog will help you understand the different services offered by companies and how you can benefit.

What is Amazon Account Management?

Amazon Account Management involves everything related to your Amazon Account, right from Amazon seller account creation, registering your brand and product listing to order management, Amazon advertisement and anything in between too. The professionals proffer these services to maintain a healthy and active seller account to boost sales.

Account management services provider proffers you a comprehensive approach while handling your Amazon account, providing a better customer service experience and protecting your seller account. Further, these services can boost revenue generation and attain business growth.

What are the different services involved in Amazon Account Management?

Amazon account management services help you manage your account and allow you to concentrate on your business. The primary services include:

• Setting up your Amazon Account

The first step to becoming an Amazon seller is creating and setting up an Amazon seller Account. An Amazon seller consultant will understand your goals and analyze the product that you wish to sell on Amazon. It will help them to determine the correct category for selling your product. Further, it will help them decide if they need to run a diagnostic assessment to check the best options that suit your business.

The consultant will clearly explain all the rules and regulations to keep you in the loop and help you not to go against Amazon. Once the account is registered, the professional will proceed towards product listing and other key tasks

Brand Registry

Amazon account setup does not end with creating your identity; it also includes registering your brand on Amazon. A retailer can find the process lengthy and require knowledge of various topics. The consultant’s proficiency and experience will help complete the process by applying it and submitting the documents. They would also ensure that your brand is protected against fake and unauthorised sellers.

Listing of products and assigning categories

Your product category and listing play a critical role in the Amazon marketplace. Some product categories are restricted to individual sellers and third-party sellers. Hiring an Amazon consulting agency will help you understand the various categories better and place your product in the correct place. If required, the agency can also help you gain permission from Amazon. Once you get the permission, the agency will work to complete the approval procedure on your behalf.

Amazon product listing is another crucial part of selling on Amazon. The professional will adopt a systematic approach to list your products, which will ensure that the

  • The listing is as per the category
  • Adding all related information, including the product ID, search terms and other attributes
  • Providing appropriate product title and apt product description
  • Including high-quality images taken from multiple angles
  • Creating multi-variant listing

If you deal with multiple products in a parent-child relationship, you will not need a different listing. You can group them by providing an option to choose size, colour and other characteristics. The regulations in this aspect can be complex and confuse you. Professionals will take you through the process and create multi-variant listings, which may look simple but are not so.

Optimizing listing for Amazon search engine

Your sales will depend on the visibility gained by your products and how convertible-efficient of the product listing. Hence, product optimization, taking advantage of the best tools and methodology gains importance. The use of SEO-friendly practices and measures, including product content placement, keyword inclusion, and high-quality images, will help gain a higher ranking for your product page and reach a wide range of buyers. The agency will ensure that product optimization is as per Amazon guidelines.

Key work on Pricing

Pricing plays a crucial role in the buyers’ decision. An Amazon consultant analyzes the market and helps you decide the right price for your product. It helps in attracting more and more customers. They also ensure that you would not lose on your profits. Professionals will analyze various factors that play an integral part in product pricing.

Inventory and Order Management

While you are busy with your core business functions, the Amazon marketing consultant  works on your behalf in managing supply and providing user-friendly customer service, which allows you to keep track of the inventory; so that you don’t lose it. The services can keep you updated about everything related to stock, like which products are out of stock, which are running low and which items need to be stocked and other details. Order management is another process that will need your complete attention, which a professional can manage perfectly.

Amazon Advertisement Management

No doubt, product optimization is crucial; not advertising enough can put you behind your competitors. A team of SEO experts along with PPC consultant can handle your advertising campaigns, develop a unique marketing strategy, use various advertising channels and much more to ensure you are ahead in the game and get a higher ROI.

Winning Amazon Buy Button

Earning the buy button can be tricky, especially if you are up against multiple sellers dealing with the same product type. Since only one can win that box, it places them in a unique position that boosts their selling capability. An Amazon Seller Consultingservice provider creates a solid seller profile that aids in improving various selling factors like ratings and reduces the defective rate and customer response time. All these attributes will provide you a better chance of winning the ‘Buy Box’. You must remember that sellers having FBA registration have a higher chance of earning the ‘Buy Button’ than FBM.

Working on Customer Support And Responding To Enquiries Instantly

Regular handling of enquiries and customer feedback can give you a hard time. You not only have to be available all the time but also deal with them strategically and appropriately to keep the customers satisfied. A professional company can handle this aspect for you, at the same time their polite, knowledgable and dedicated staff can leave the customer satisfied.

Overall Maintenance of Amazon Account

You could be selling through FBA or FBM, individual seller or professional seller, yet it can be hard for you to maintain a healthy Amazon account. A service provider can keep the Amazon account in full compliance with the guidelines and regulations, which guarantee complete monitoring of your account and improve your performance.

A dedicated service provider will not only keep themselves updated about regular Amazon inputs but also inform you about the change in rules and what transformations you need to bring in to stay put in the market. They will help create trust amongst customers and have a significant role in boosting sales.

Do you need an Amazon Account manager?

Amazon provides its sellers with a platform to manage their business and boost their sales. Amazon Account management service team provides complete support from account setup to product optimization and selling.

Professionals will take care of the Amazon account, for you to focus on your business. Professionals will lessen the stress and the need to learn new things, as the Amazon consulting agency will work on your behalf to provide you with the best results.

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