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DSP Ads for Amazon

Create Next-Gen DSP Ads for

With DSP (Demand-side-platform) Ads for Amazon, we allow entrepreneurs to instinctively purchase a video, display, and audio ads from an array of channels having choices for both on and off Amazon. At Sellers Umbrella, we help our sellers facilitate buying and selling of ads backed by DSP services that give programmatic advertising and amplify the brand value by giving access to massive consumer data. Amazon tracks every single click, search, purchase, and review done by a shopper. This huge database supports to choice of the right ads that can convey a meaningful brand message for Amazon sellers’ brands and can attract the attention of the targeted audience.

We are the Amazon Sellers Consultants helping entrepreneurs obtain the complete benefits of the Amazon DSP Ads services and help in optimizing campaigns while keeping in mind the allotted budget for the entire project. With the skills of our Amazon DSP ads experts, we help our clients create a suitable strategy that focuses on achieving higher engagement rations for Amazon DSP ads and aiming to augment conversions with better sales.

Various Types of DSP Ads Services Available For Amazon

Static Ads

The ads are simple and precise with featured images and call-to-action. Clicking on the ads redirects the shoppers to the Amazon product listing or Amazon brand store or the seller’s website.

Dynamic Ads

The ads are live reflecting the optimized content in context to the target audience. The ads primarily focus on customer preferences and choices. These ads intend to direct the customers to the Amazon product listing page.

Audio Ads

These ads replicate the style of radio commercials that do not last more than ten to thirty seconds. They focus on power marketing campaigns, create brand awareness, and are used to launch new products.

Video Ads

These ads display a descriptive video of the product on and off Amazon directing the consumers to the product listing page or the business website.

Over-the-top (OTT)

They are full-screen video ads that exactly look like television commercials. They are not clickable and are meant to generate brand awareness with compelling content that drives shoppers to take action.

Our DSP Targeting Strategy

At Sellers Umbrella, we provide understand different target options and align them with the sellers’ advertising goals. This is the key to our successful advertising with DSP. We use the below targeting options to create a tailored strategy for our customers.

Behavioral Used for bringing awareness and a good use case for creating behavioral ads.
Lifestyle They are meant for people who are regular buyers of a particular category. Target customers that have common lifestyle choices and are existing or are interested in brand-relevant categories.
Demographic Target ads based on age, income, gender, or location
ContextualFor customers interested to shop by browsing through websites that are contextual or thematically related to your products
Audience Lookalike Customers behaving exactly with the selected groups such as brand customers or competitors' customers
RemarketingTargeting customers who have nearly decided to buy a product. We choose from various types of remarketing targets like fixed-based, purchased ASIN, Brand Halo, and much more.
Advertiser Audience Leveraging third-party data by using pixels, DMP audience transfer, and CRM data. Uploading customer data and using it to target the ads.
In-Market Targeting people who are in the market for some typical products or services.

Benefits of DSP Ads Services For Amazon

Safeguards prime ad inventory
Harnessing Amazon Branding strategy
Provides the exact idea of the number of sales
Attracts all types of audiences
Provides a massive advertising platform
Retargets existing customers
Campaign Optimization is made possible with Amazon DSP
Protects Brand through programmatic advertising

How Can Sellers Umbrella Help You Leverage DSP Ads Benefits

Targeting Right AudienceAmazon keeps the track of the search history of people and maintains data on the purchases made by them on the platform. With us, you can harness this data and create a unique ad strategy for your brand. We have an experienced team who are helping sellers level up their sales by utilizing the powerful targeting capability of Amazon DSP
Universal Audience ReachWe provide our sellers a window to look into their customers wherever they go online and drive the users to divert to the seller's website or the Amazon product detailed page.
Client SupportReach out to our customer care executives who are ready to serve you 24 by 7 to sustain the health and existence of your Amazon seller account. With our Amazon seller consultancy services, get flawless services to manage your accounts along with guidance on using new products
Comprehensive ReportingTake benefit of our profound experiences in managing several high-end PPC accounts with hefty budgets along with our Google Adwords Certified team of experts. Boost your sales with minimum clicks with the help of our Amazon Consultancy services.
Amazon Seller ConsultingOur Amazon virtual assistants can help you leverage your Amazon profile by implementing the best strategies. Watch your sales rise sharply while we manage and drive clients to purchase your products from the back end.