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Introduction to Amazon Live: Transforming Shopping through Live Streaming

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Just like online shopping transformed the retail domain almost two decades ago, live streaming e-commerce through Amazon Live promises to revolutionize the manner in which goods are bought and sold in the modern era. Live streaming e-commerce serves to be the next major trend.

The convergence of retail and video helps in improving overall engagement, closing the gap between customers and products, driving sales, and increasing the average sales price. Let us know how! 

Amazon Live reaching new heights:

A brief on Amazon Live: 

Amazon Live is a program that displays live videos on its homepage and your brand’s product detail pages. Live videos allow hosts to discuss and show products, giving marketers a highly engaging promotional tool to promote more educated purchases. Amazon Live is like QVC, but it’s streamed on Amazon. Since customers cannot touch your products before buying, you can demonstrate their functionality beyond the photographs of your listing. If you are new to Amazon Live and looking to boost your brand visibility, you can contact Amazon advertising consultants with the necessary expertise.  

About an Amazon Live Creator:

The Amazon Live Creator apps help brands and influencers build and manage livestreams. It has exciting, unique features to present and demonstrate products, interact with buyers in real-time, increase sales, and offer producers success information. Amazon Live Creator requires an Amazon Influencer Program membership to broadcast.

Eligibility criteria for Amazon Live:

Freely build your own Amazon livestream using the Amazon Live Creator app. 
US Store owners and Amazon Brand Registry sellers can use Amazon Live Creator.

Levels for Influencers on Amazon Live:

All Amazon Live Creator accounts begin at the Rising Star level, the first tier up from Insider, and we cap it all off with the A-List level.

Rising Star

Amazon Live Creator lets Rising Stars live stream whenever they want. Customers can follow you when you broadcast with a follow button. Rising Star streams are displayed in the product category rows and the ‘Live Now’ row at the top of the Amazon Live homepage. The top-of-page video player plays as shoppers click on your livestream thumbnail. Rising Star streams can be displayed on influencer storefronts and brand product detail pages. Rising Star placements help you expand your Amazon following when discovering your streams. Amazon Live levels let your streams appear on the site more often.


You enjoy all the Rising Star privileges at the Insider level. On, buyers may instantly watch your streams at the top. Influencers can display their live streams on product detail pages for the first 10 products in their Amazon Live carousel.


A-List members receive all Rising Star and Insider advantages. Your livestreams can also be shown on’s homepage. You get priority support and Amazon Live unique events and opportunities.

Criteria for Streaming on Amazon Live:

  • Live Streaming in the community requires an Amazon Seller or Vendor account (or authorization to livestream on behalf of one) or an Amazon Influencer Program account with an active storefront. Creators are liable for third-party livestreamers’ behavior.
  • To stream in the community, you must be 18.
  • Professional Amazon Sellers must be registered in Amazon’s Brand Registry and sell on
  • Vendors must publish stores on Amazon’s Advertising Console.
  • Your stream must be English only.

Best Amazon Live Streaming Techniques:

  • Livestream for 60 minutes or more
  • Promote audience engagement and channel following 
  • Use calls to action, sell, and reiterate essential ideas
  • Interact with shoppers live 
  • Demonstrate products in action 
  • Share live streams with off-Amazon audience 
  • Use broadcasting software 
  • Offer exclusive promotions 
  • Try reaching higher levels of Amazon Live for extra benefits


You can see there are many opportunities at Amazon Live. It is an ideal place to get your product online and expose it to a huge market, which can then be converted into sales (and profits) for the company. An Amazon seller account consultant can even help you make the most of Amazon Live and brand exposure. They understand Amazon Live, and are the people to advise you on how best to maximize your live streaming.

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