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Brand Registry For Amazon

Brand Registry Service Offered By Us

Sellers Umbrella helps the sellers to represent their brand at Amazon with accuracy and consistency. Our prime focus is to abide by the rules and regulations, avoid violations, and take benefits of the advanced analytics and advertising options that are made available in the Amazon Brand Registry Program.

The Amazon Brand Registry Program helps sellers to safeguard their brand’s intellectual property rights. Whatever stringent action, violations, and IP infringements are done on Amazon can easily be detected and reported by Amazon. Moreover, Amazon Brand Registry includes a complete set of features that helps and guides the brands to achieve wider visibility and amplifies the conversion ratios. All the registered sellers can get access to detailed analytics and other relevant information for improving their sales. They can enhance the shopping experiences for the customers.

We are the Amazon consulting experts managing brand registry requirements and helping to protect the brand’s presence enabling a thriving business environment for the sellers at Amazon

Amazon Brand Registry Process

The foremost steps in the Amazon Brand Registry enrollment process are enumerated below:

Top Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry For Amazon Sellers

Brand Protection & Product ListingWith Amazon Brand, Registry sellers can manage their product listings. The product information is kept safe and the sellers have enough control over the listings and brand. Once the registration is done, the sellers can decide on the way they want to display the listings and promote the products. The advertising data also gets fully secured as a registered brand. The advertisements get recognized and Amazon gives higher priority to the seller's brand. All the unauthorized sellers are prevented from making any fraudulent activity or attempting to jeopardize the brand’s image. Amazon safeguards the sellers and the brands from infringement or violations and if the evidence is found about the suspicious sellers they are strictly handled by Amazon. Also, the brand registry works as a gateway to protect those brands that have purchased Additional brand protection services.
A+ Content AccessAmazon Brand Registry gives access to A+ content to the sellers. This can serve as a benefit to the sellers for creating an impact on the shoppers with the help of Branding and product listing services. Sellers Umbrella here helps the sellers to create value-added content by designing interesting modules, lifestyle images, and charts, and forming a catch brand story. In addition, the A+ content drives strong communication of the products and brands with a well-designed and accurate form of content. Hence, the impressive presentation will compel the customers’ attention bringing in higher sales.
Sponsored Brand AdsThere are several benefits of Sponsored Brand Ads. Brands can get higher visibility on the top of Amazon Search pages at various places like at the left and bottom of search results along with the details. The ads not only feature the brand logo and catchy headlines, but they also bring a noticeable awareness to the shoppers about the availability of the product they may be looking for. Sponsored brand ads are the one sure way for sellers to increase their discoverability and visibility across various Amazon touchpoints.
Amazon Brand StoreWith Brand Registry access, sellers can create their specific brand stores. A centralized multi-page destination of any brand within Amazon is the Brand store. The Shoppers will experience a website-like shopping experience, where you are showcasing the products that exclusively represent your brand. Moreover, Amazon gives access to building the store in an organized way where sellers can share their brand story and create awareness about the entire range of products. Also, these brand stores allow the sellers to create separate pages for deals and store refurbishment for seasonal occasions by giving personalized shopping experiences to the customers.
Sponsored Display AdsThe Sponsored Display ads help to target the customers who are regularly shopping from the competitor's detail page and also off-Amazon websites. Sellers Umbrella has remarkable techniques to trace the competitor's achievements that can be tracked and accordingly sellers can improve their sales strategies on Amazon. The Sponsored Display ads help in a great way to drive more organic traffic. To get the maximum benefits of the ads, we recommend sellers keep competitive prices of their products
Amazon LiveWith Amazon Live, sellers can stream live videos wherein the customers can interact with the sellers. This is the best way to build long-term relations with the customers by making live product usage demos, answering queries, sharing relevant information, and presenting the best range of products. After the completion of streaming videos, Amazon gives the facility to store the video on the brand page for the shoppers to view later. Hence, the detailed content with necessary explanations about the products and features stays forever. This facility of Amazon live is especially available to Amazon registered sellers or vendors who are running approved Amazon stores. Also, Amazon influencers get the benefit of the influencer storefront.
Amazon PostsThis unique feature enables registered brands to promote their products with the help of posting on various social media platforms available within Amazon. The active brands on social media can repurpose their existing content for Amazon to attract a relevant audience to their brand. This feature is available only to US Sellers/vendors.
Amazon VineThe Amazon Vine program is designed for the brand sellers at Amazon. They facilitate unbiased communication between enrolled sellers, selected reviewers, and buyers. After the program enrollment, sellers can submit the products for further review and can get genuine feedback. The main objective of this program is to showcase trustworthy reviews of the brand and get honest feedback helping buyers decide upon making purchases. Hence, Amazon Vine is the most authentic way to attract more reviews for the products leading to building more trust in the brand.
Amazon Brand AnalyticsAmazon Brand Analytics helps brands to build and strengthen their credibility which requires continuous efforts. The tool is needed for the sellers to get a reliable data source and find the customer's activity that can be extremely helpful for them to form further sales strategies and develop the brand. All the registered brands get access to these analytics through they can get detailed reports about the customer's search and purchase behaviors. They can also get insights into the customer's search terms and purchases. Accordingly, the sellers can make the product offerings and form the marketing strategies.
Experiment ManagementManage experiments is a tool developed by Amazon that permits registered sellers to run the A/B bests of their A+ content, product images, and product headings. The tools compare the two versions of the content against each other. The sellers can use both one at a time to check the performance and can review which one suits them better. Accordingly, sellers can take appropriate action for all their products and listings. These experiments give a fair idea to the sellers on the improvements that need to be made in the entire content and can add attractive content for catching the attention of the shoppers.
Amazon Virtual Product BundlesThis benefit is given to all the Brand registered US sellers. The virtual bundles tool offers the ability to bundle 2 to 5 complementary products and sell them from a single product detailed page. The sellers do not need to physically package the products or make the necessary changes in the FBA inventory. They can simply combine multiple products in a virtual bundle enabling time optimization and giving seamless shopping experiences to the customers. Also, the product bundles feature can offer discounts to make a viable shopping option for the customers. The sellers must ensure that the prices should remain lower than or equal to the total price per product.
Brand Catalog ManagerThe Brand catalog manager tool informs the customers about who is the seller of the products. It shares the unique customer experiences of the brand and provides better sales opportunities for the sellers. The sellers can review all the sellers on Amazon and understand who is currently listing the products. They can make the necessary changes accordingly to provide a better shopping experience to the customers.
Amazon AttributionThe Amazon Attribution tool gives access to the Brand registered sellers to measure the performance of their external advertising efforts. The sellers get detailed information and can receive valuable insights about the non-Amazon marketing channels. Accordingly, they can design better sales strategies to attract more customers. With this amazing, the sellers can measure all the related metrics such as social media marketing, email marketing, video posts, and the entire impact on the sales.