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Brand Story Design

Create Effective Brand Story For Amazon To

Communicate the exclusive brand attributes with our Brand story design services for Amazon sellers. Being an extension of Premium A+ content, a brand story can play a crucial role in improving audience engagement, establishing a loyal customer base, and building relationships. When the content is informative and value-driven, the customers are sure to increase their engagement. The brand story design services of Amazon provide engaging modules that are used to create relatable brand stories that enhance a strong connection with the audience.

We involve sellers at every stage while creating a perfect brand story. We create stories that relate to the real-life scenarios of the customers and hence the shoppers get easily connected. We showcase the core values of the brand and the business leading to a transparent and authentic bond with the customers. We also assist and help Amazon sellers to launch their brand story or enhance the existing brand story, for a reason to expand the business and create a highly-active presence on Amazon.

Amazon Brand Story Modules

There are four varieties of modules and templates that will help the seller. Generally, Amazon provides you the option to share your story with the help of any of the available four modules.

Brand Carousel Background Module
Brand Focus Image Module
Brand ASIN & Store Showcase Module
Brand Logo & Description Module
Brand Q & A Module

Our Best Practices For Optimizing Amazon Brand Story Modules

We Are The Best With Implementing Key Strategies

We Are The Best With Implementing Key Strategies

Why Create A Brand Story?

Builds Brand Connectivity With Shoppers

With Amazon Brand Story modules, the sellers can represent their brand stories and showcase the unique attributes of the products directly to the customers. In addition, we help sellers to communicate the brand evolution history and share the values, mission, and ethics leading to developing stronger and long-term connections with the target audience. When the customers feel connected with the brand, it leads to a change in their shopping behavior that can drive higher purchases. Brand stories make the seller’s products relatable and help them to create a strong marketplace with a lasting impression. This is a proven methodology wherein the intuitive brand stories and catchy narrations lead to better human attention helping build sustainable association with the brand.

Can Easily Highlight Product Unique Selling Features

Creating a distinctive brand identity for products on the Amazon storefront is not everyone’s cup of tea. Sellers need a knack to harness the benefits of the Amazon Brand story. The features need to incorporate into the product listings so that the sellers’ brand can receive distinguished attention amidst the overcrowded Amazon marketplace. There are several ways to catch the attention of the shoppers such as by highlighting the key attributes, and benefits of the products, and optimizing the product listings. In addition, we at Sellers Umbrella, provide unique infographics and multimedia that showcase the minutest details of the products. We also make sure these details focus on the core features and unique characteristics of the brand leading to better customer engagement and a joyful shopping experience.

Enhances Brand Awareness

The features available in the Amazon Brand Story allow for the representation of the products with logos throughout the page. This can be very helpful to build a separate brand identity and to generate long-term brand recognition. With Sellers Umbrella, we can help you harness the benefits of this amazing tool and can promote a better strategy for expanding the customer base. The frequency of customers coming back to purchase products of the same brand will increase and the sellers can introduce their product portfolio with detailed pages on products, and company introductions, etc, and much more.

Minimized Product Returns and Negative Reviews

At Sellers Umbrella, we are helping the sellers to build a strong brand presence on Amazon’s Brand story. With the help of the stunning features of the tool, we assist the sellers in developing long-term connections with customers. With this, we help sellers in reducing return rates and avoid negative customer reviews on the Amazon platform. The positive reviews directly impact the customer’s decision and also helps the sellers to build trust and reputation. Hence, the overall impact remains positive on the conversion ratios, brand growth, and sales figures.