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Like every other e-commerce platform, brands on Amazon need to look appealing and aesthetic. This is one of the strongest elements to drive the prospective customer to look through the visuals of the product and get familiarity with the brand. The reason why brands on Amazon enjoy higher conversion rates and sales are because of its secret strategy of presenting stunning product images. Images drive the customers to click on the buy button. Sellers need to build a strong brand story around their product but also present attractive images of the product.

With Sellers Umbrella, our clients get Amazon-ready photos with complete image editing services. We offer a full package of Amazon image editing that comprises infographics, lifestyle images, white background images, and specific Amazon lifestyle photography. We provide high-quality infographics and images to our customers adding a competitive advantage over their competitors. We have professionally trained graphic designers who work diligently to create Amazon infographics and various types of lifestyle images.  Our range of software tools and techniques is wide and diverse. We use top-notch technologies to create visually appealing images.

Our Sellers Umbrella Photo Editing Services

Our Graphic Designers Create Perfect Images By Ensuring Images Are

Well Lit and in High ResolutionThe image can look brighter and clear with high resolution and a highly lit background. We recommend to our customers to keep at least 1000 pixel images so that shoppers can zoom and look at them closer.
Visually Appealing and TrendingSellers Umbrella Graphic image creators are the experts to create compelling images as per the current trend in Amazon. For eg: pictures are presented along with the added features to explain to the customers in a detailed manner.
Adhering to Amazon GuidelinesThe images need to be as per the Amazon guidelines otherwise the product does not go live howsoever attractive they may look. Moreover, the listings also may get suppressed. Hence, we always recommend following the image policy guidelines and editing images accordingly so that they can be always ready for Amazon, Walmart, or eBay.
Evaluated and Approved at Ad-Group LevelMonitoring the impact of images on the ad campaigns and the resulting performance on weekly basis along with search term reports and sales snapshots.

We Provide the Below Infographics and Photo Editing Services