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Premium A+ Content

We Create Engaging

At Sellers Umbrella, we harness the benefits of Amazon Premium A+ content tool to present the products with the most visually appealing graphics and designs. The tool contains unique features that are better than basic A+ content. We help sellers create high-definition videos, interactive modules, and rich imagery to enhance their brand presence and improve the customer’s buying experiences.

We create and curate world-class content for the sellers’ brand on Amazon. Equipped with one of the best graphic designers to help them create Premium A+ content, we ensure that your brand provides outstanding sales and becomes highly visible for all the best reasons. For the sellers who are not eligible for creating premium A+ content, our team is always here to assist newbies and existing Amazon sellers from the very beginning stage. Reach out to our experts to get the best content that can drive your business for better rankings on Amazon. We provide the below type of Premium A+ content services.

VideoDisplay the products with a full-screen video that presents the key features and benefits of products with an elaborate explanation. This one is the best medium of improving the conversion ratios.
Full-width imageryWith more space available at the Premium A+ content module, sellers can extend the image space for image placements up to the width of 1464 pixels. The tool helps in creating high-quality images reflecting the rich feeling about the products and gives positive shopping experiences for the customers.
Carousel ModulesWe help sellers to combine various relevant images through carousel modules within a single section. This will help shoppers to view the images from different angles and check their key attributes and the advantages of the product.
Hotspot ModulesBy providing premium A+ content service for hotspot modules we help our sellers to create designs that will allow the shoppers to browse through and click the features to find out the information about the product in brief.
Enhanced Comparison TablePremium A+ comparison tables provide a wider communication and interaction opportunity. The table will help the shoppers to scroll through various sections and make product comparisons based on their attributes. A little capability in the table will make the entire thing quite user-friendly and seamless to understand.
Clickable Q&AThis module will help the sellers to grab the opportunity of responding to the common questions related to their product. This will help the shoppers as well to understand everything about the product before taking any sort of informed decision.
A+ Content Premium A+ Content
Availability All brand registered sellers Available to all the brand registered sellers who have had at least 15 A+ content projects approved in the past 12 months.
Modules 12 Basic Modules 16 Interactive modules and access to previous 12 basic modules
Modules allowed per page 7 for sellers and 5 for vendors 7
Maximum content width 970 pixels 1464 pixels
Price Free Free
Mobile compatibility Yes Yes

Topmost Benefits of Our Premium A+ Content For Amazon Seller

Quality Visuals

The extended area is used for placing intuitive content that can help brands fetch higher visibility and can impact their listings. We create engaging banners that are embedded with powerful images and communicative features that can attract shoppers to click and visit the storefront.

Table of Comparisons

The Premium A+ content tools is outstanding for a reason that they can compare similar products with the seller’s brand portfolio. While scrolling through the image, users can browse a different range of products that are within the portfolio. Also, the scrolling image permits the users to browse through the products with a table of highlights along with the key attributes. Shoppers can remain informed about the products and can refer to the comparison tables while taking decisions.

Better Conversion Ratios

We help our sellers to effectively use the Premium A+ content features as it can augment the sales figures by up to 15%. Moreover, it is an excellent tool that stands out to provide more business on Amazon.

HD Video effects

The tool provides high-definition videos that comprise the finest details about the products. Shoppers can watch HD videos in full-screen mode and can get a better viewing experience.

Q&A Section

The Q&A Section is the most suitable platform for shoppers to get information and answers to their pressing questions. It also offers adequate advice and constant assistance to the shoppers. It has a clickable dropdown section that can serve as a great source to find out more about the seller’s products.

Engaging Modules

There are interactive modules available in the tool that can create call-out images. The potential customers can immediately get the key product information just by browsing over or clicking on the text box.

Topmost Benefits of Our Premium A+ Content For Amazon Seller

Optimization of Images

At Sellers Umbrella, we make sure about the quality and accuracy of the images we provide. We use the Premium A+ content tool. Moreover, our designers use the latest technologies and techniques to enhance the images. With photoshopping and editing tools, we deliver exceptional image quality. We take care of the text restrictions and other strict guidelines and focus more on detailing and designing. With our designs, we deliver the message to the shoppers about the real essence of the product. We provide images that comprise precise and relatable content. We take care of not overloading the images with too much information. Our products aim to engage the customers and drive them to explore and buy the product.

Content Creation

For Premium A+ content tool users, we provide informative and perfect brand representation with our core text and copies. We have a professional team of writers who practice a focused approach and create compelling product descriptions that are to the point, simple, and easy to understand. We put an adequate amount of effort into the research and strive to identify the most relevant and saleable attributes of the sellers’ products before showcasing them to the shoppers.

Design & Implementation

By harnessing the features and modules of the Premium A+ content, our designers present the most suitable representation of the seller's products and their brands. We also help our customers to upload images and related stuff, guide them through the submission and help them handle all the activities up to the performance monitoring phase. With us, all the Amazon sellers provide extensive assistance and editorial support that is required to maintain the efficiency of the content.


Just sign in to your Amazon Brand Registry account. Create Premium A+ content with the help of the A+ content management tool. Sellers can use this tool for creating a new A+ module as well as for editing the existing one.

The sellers can pass through the eligibility criteria of Premium A+ content by getting the published A+ brand story across all the ASINs along with at least 15 plus content projects approved by Amazon within the last 12 months of staying with the Amazon store. After meeting this criterion, the sellers get the banner displayed in the A+ content manager

Your brand will be showcased with attractive images and compelling content that will drive more customer engagement. With this, you will get cutting edge solutions that will beat the competition and improve the sales conversion ratios on Amazon.