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How to Increase Amazon Sales Using PPC Advertising: A Comprehensive Guide

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Part of Amazon’s internal advertising system, Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising enables businesses, Amazon advertising consultants, and independent sellers to target keywords and produce product advertisements. Three out of every four Amazon merchants use this incredibly effective marketing strategy.

What Is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is an advertising strategy that supports online product sales for companies and sellers. Amazon charges a modest fee to the seller every time a potential consumer clicks on one of the ads the seller has created for their products. The Attributed Sales (ATS), Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS), Impressions (impressions), and Clicks (clicks) are some of Amazon’s most important PPC indicators.

How Does Amazon PPC Work?

With the help of Amazon PPC advertising agency, sellers may place Sponsored Product adverts at the top of search results and product detail pages. The auction is won by the highest bidder, and Amazon places the winning advertisement at the top. The vendor gives Amazon a modest fee each time a customer clicks on the advertisement.

Why Is PPC Important For Amazon Sellers?

The opportunity for e-commerce firms and sellers to flourish is enormous as consumer shopping moves to However, additional rivals seeking to make the highest sales are brought on by the increase in online retail traffic. For Amazon businesses of all sizes in 2023, having a successful PPC advertising plan is crucial. Listings can easily get buried in the bustle on Amazon, where there are hundreds of millions of things. Amazon PPC advertising services assist merchants in getting their goods to the top of the search results page, which increases sales and raises the product’s organic rating for each effective keyword on Amazon.

Amazon PPC Advertising: Key Terms And Features

The key KPIs for Amazon PPC advertising services are as follows:

  • ACoS, which is the ratio of attributed ad spend to ad income, evaluates the effectiveness of an Amazon PPC campaign.
  • Shoppers may see an advertisement a certain number of times, regardless of whether they click on it. Clicks represent the number of times customers have clicked on the advertisement.
  • The ratio of clicks to impressions for an advertisement is known as the click-through rate (CTR).
  • When a potential customer clicks on the advertisement, vendors must pay Amazon a cost per click (CPC).
  • The total number of sales that an advertisement generates over time as a result of clicks on the advertisement is known as Attributed Sales.

Amazon PPC Ad Types

There are three types of ads that Amazon offers when you are setting up your first PPC campaign.

  • Sponsored Items
  • Featured Brands
  • Featured Display

Choosing The Right Amazon PPC Ad

Amazon gives sellers access to a variety of PPC ad kinds with flexible targeting options. It is advised that new sellers test every sort of ad they have access to, particularly Sponsored Products advertisements with manual targeting and automatic targeting. Given that some ad types and methods produce a larger RoAS than others, it can be beneficial to think about your approach in terms of your expected return on ad expenditure (RoAS).

The cost of your products is also important because those that fall between $21 and $30 hit a sweet spot and have a higher RoAS than both more costly and less expensive options. Making decisions based on an approximate return on investment might be helpful. Sellers can learn what works for them by experimenting with each of the ad types. Once they have gathered enough information, they can then eliminate the advertisements that aren’t doing well and increase the ones that do.


Selling a great product alone won’t draw customers to Use pay-per-click marketing to draw more attention to your product. By utilizing this tutorial to develop and manage your campaigns, you may keep your advertising costs down while bidding on keywords can help you rank well in product searches. More sales and product visibility may result from this.

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